Okcoin api


OKCoin is a Singapore-based BitCoin and futures exchange platform. Using the OKCoin Trade API, OKCoin users can exercise programmatic access to real time cryptocurrency market data, account management, and to check transaction history.

Thank you for your continued support and we assure you our best services at all times OKCoin.cn trade volume and market listings 28/12/2020 22/1/2021 3/2/2021 Dec 16, 2019 · OKCoin is committed to providing you a powerful and robust suite of APIs to optimize your trading experience. The latest version of our APIs is v3. We provide both WebSocket and REST APIs for fast and reliable access to account and trading features, including: OKCoin API MASTER RECORD Bitcoin Asia, Financial, Marketplace, Real Time, Transactions, Webhooks OKCoin is a Singapore-based BitCoin and futures exchange platform. Using the OKCoin Trade API, OKCoin users can exercise programmatic access to real time cryptocurrency market data, account management, and to check transaction history.

Okcoin api

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https://github.com/okcoin-okex/API-docs-OKEx.com. Get OKCoin total trading volume, trading fees, pair list, fee structure, and other cryptocurrency exchange info. Find out the most actively traded coin on OKCoin. A place where APIs are kept.

Our REST API provides real-time market data for thousands of markets on 23 exchanges. You can use it to fetch last price, 24 hour market statistics, recent trades, order books, and candlestick data.

Okcoin api

OKCoin and TaxBit team up to bring you a guide to crypto tax reporting For United States-based traders, tax season has arrived. 10/2/2020 Search for: Affiliate Program Application. Scroll Down OKCoin's Global CMO Haider Rafique and COO Jason Lau join Ava Labs’ President John Wu, VP of Marketing Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, and VP of Business Development Lydia Chiu for a live ask-me-anything session. Led by community-driven questions, the two teams discuss the listing, the Avalanche project in detail, and OKCoin’s upcoming AVAX airdrop.

Okcoin api

Feb 03, 2021 · We’re happy to announce that OKCoin has become the first United States-based exchange to list AVAX, the native coin of the Avalanche protocol.AVAX deposits are now open, with trading of the AVAX/USD pair to open tomorrow, Feb 4, followed by withdrawals starting on Feb 5.

Founded in 2013, OKCoin offers advanced features for crypto beginners and high-volume traders alike, enabling users in 184 countries worldwide to exchange US dollars and the euro for Bitcoin, Tethers, USDK, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Decred, EOS, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, 0x APIs: OKCoin has good API support, making it easy for traders to customize the trading platform. REST, WebSocket, and FIX are all supported. You can use APIs to access market data, orderbook, depth of bids, asks, trade history, trade execution, order information, order history, and account information, among others. Feb 10, 2020 · 5. Only use OKCoin official mobile app. Beware of third-party mobile apps using OKCoin’s name or asking for your OKCoin credentials. 6.

OKCoin trade volume and market listings Cryptocurrencies : 8,756 Markets : 35,661 Market Cap : $1,678,287,487,440 24h Vol : $134,877,645,262 Dominance : BTC : 60.1% ETH : 12.5% ETH Gas : 100 … OKCoin WebSocket Api客户端示例.

Okcoin api

After registering an account on OKCoin Japan, you can create APIKeys with different permissions to allow you to separate privileges for your APIKeys where one APIKey can trade while another can withdraw. Supported OKCoin features in Zabo: Read Balances; Read Transaction History; When you use Zabo to integrate with OKCoin, instead of building a custom, one-off integration that only works with OKCoin, your developers can learn just Zabo’s API and a handful of simple calls. The market data API is publicly accessible and provides market data such as: historical price of trading pairs; After registering an account with OKEx, you can create APIKeys with different permissions to segregate privileges, for example one APIKey can trade while another can withdraw. Getting Access.

Sharing your API private key is the same as sharing your account password! Securing your Email OKCoin joins Crypto Open Patent Alliance to support blockchain adoption We’re excited to announce that OKCoin has joined the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA). COPA is a non-profit consortium created by payment San Francisco based crypto exchange, OKCoin, has launched on-chain pricing feeds for the burgeoning DeFi market. An announcement on July 15, the firm debuted ‘OKCoin Oracle' which will use API's to support interoperability with crypto markets for reliable pricing on digital assets. According to the announcement, the OKcoin Oracle API's will be verified via public […] OKCoin is a Singapore-based BitCoin and futures exchange platform.

Okcoin api

okcoin.cn的Rest Api很简单易懂,但是官方并有提供ruby实现,并且其他ruby实现 都没有更新或者是国际站的实现,所以决定自己写一个,目前实现了全部Rest  DateUtils; import com.okcoin.commons.okex.open.api.utils. HmacSHA256Base64Utils; import okhttp3.*; import okio.Buffer; public class APIHttpClient { private  Some historical data might be missing due to exchanges / APIs experiencing downtime or technological problems on our end. Please contact us if you have  Edit: looks like I've been recording Okcoin since Feb 5th. BTC and LTC markets. Edit 2: Damn didn't know about the BTC_USD and LTC_USD markets.

coincheck allows roughly two kinds of APIs; Public API and Private API . Public API allows you to browse order status and order book. 19 Oct 2020 OKCoin, together with other China-based bitcoin trading platforms, closed their Chinese mainland trading operations and moved offshore after  API Overview. Overview.

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Estimated Price on Margin Call: A certain amount of margin is required for leverage trading in OKCoin.

I'd like to get hash-rate of BTC from OKcoin' API(GET /api/v1/charts/:type) here is OKCoin's API web site. How can I get information from here is OKCoin's API web site. python gets = requests.g

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